Use Online Business Video & Stand Out from Your Competition


Business video is a way to stay ahead of the competition. We feel like that marketing with a promotional video on our website helps us stand out and because a lot of our challenging accounting firms aren’t doing it [marketing with online business promotional video on their website].

“I know, I personally Google everything, and we’ve found that we’ve gotten a lot of leads from Google. So when people visit our website, rather than picking up the phone and calling or emailing us, they could watch our short video see what we have to offer and if we have what they are looking for.”  [Author’s note: when these people decide that they “have what they are looking for” and pick up the phone to call, those people become a higher qualified lead.]

“We felt that promo video promotion on our website was a way to convey the presence that the partners have and give the prospective client a sense of who they would be meeting with.”

“The video was really significant to us because we knew we had a short amount of time and we wanted to reflect everything that we offer.”

“We wanted viewers to see that we are professional, that we are pro-active and, that we have a responsive services and those are those reasons that we think we stand out from others accounting firms.”

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